Functional packaging design

    How long have you last bought batteries? Do you remember how many you bought them about 15 years ago? Previously, almost everything worked from them, but now players, cameras, phones and other major mobile energy consumers work mainly from their own battery formats. And, it would seem, the mass use of batteries does not have a special future. But many modern devices combine two features: the capacity of the built-in battery lasts not so long and they can be charged via micro-USB. So the batteries can still serve.

    If you connect 3 batteries in series, you get a voltage of the order of 4.5V, which is quite enough for emergency power supply of the telephone that has run out at the most inopportune moment. You can connect them by applying two foil strips on the inside of the package:

    Together with a penny stub micro-USB cable, designed only for a one-time charge, the cost of packaging will not increase at all. But the benefits of such packaging are much greater. Since using it you can easily charge the device, for example, during a trip, which will open a new market for batteries.

    An attentive reader, of course, will immediately notice that there are, for example, such devices: charging from an AA battery . But they have a completely different use case. After all, in order to use them, you need to think about them and carry them around with you in advance, and if you haven’t done this, you can only remember them and regret that you didn’t buy them at one time. But a pack of batteries can be bought at almost any kiosk, and it will be at hand just when needed.

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