Custom Pantech Pocket Phone

    Now on the market there are a huge number of models of smartphones and ordinary “dialers” (although it is just the number of dialers), but all phones are more or less similar to each other. Of course, there are such devices that are very different from others, but still there are not many such devices. But the smartphone from Pantech, called Pantech Pocket , is different from everything that is now on the market. By the way, before I did not see the cellular production of this company. But about 7 years ago I saw phones manufactured by Bosch. Let's look at some of the new features.

    So, Pantech Pocket is a fairly productive and functional device, with a 1 GHz processor, a 4-inch display and 600 MB of internal memory. But the aspect ratio of the device is very unusual - 4: 3. The dimensions of the device are 114.7 * 78 * 11.3 mm, and the phone weighs 132 grams, not so much. As an operating system, Android 2.3.4 runs here. And yes, there is a 5 MP camera, plus the device is capable of recording video in HD quality. The RAM here is 512 MB, which is also pretty decent.

    So far, it is planned to release Pantech Pocket only for the AT&T operator (respectively, only in the USA), but it may well be that soon models that are not tied to the operator will appear. Actually, it is not so difficult to untie the device, so on EBay and other services all this can be found soon after the release.

    Via Engadget

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