Armed with police in Miami gets Honeywell Micro Air Vehicle (video is not inserted, “youtube link incorrect”, probably due to the underscore)

    This beautiful thing weighing 6 kilograms works on gasoline and can be in the air for up to 3 hours kilometers and move at a speed of 90 km / h, while transmitting images from conventional and infrared cameras. Passed tests in the FAA and gets into service with the Miami police. Police promise to use it only for counter-terrorism operations, but of course, many are against. Do you remember that?

    Seem to be? Yeah. And the technology has been used for several years, and there are similar devices weighing only 3 kg and capable of flying up to 4 hours. They promise in the near future devices the size of a small bird and protect their borders.

    And I would like to have such a thing (only a small one and with an electric drive) for personal use. A bunch of applications - to fly instead of me to a lecture or concert, so that I look / listen from another place or then, in a recording; you can get out of the car - see where traffic jams can go around or something else, in general, google maps in real time, and a million applications can be found.

    If you dream at all, then in cities everywhere there would be recharging stations for such things, and according to a special protocol, the devices communicate with each other, avoiding collisions, and with any base stations that will allow them, for example, to automatically find the way in buildings (indicate - fly to room 453, the device gives a request to the server of the building, it issues a route).

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