Hardware solution for calculating Internet traffic

    Good day! I present to the Habra-public court a hand-made device for recording Internet traffic.

    Time spent on the manufacture of the device: 3 hours


    • Three phase meter
    • 4 twisted pair pieces of 3 meters
    • Case fan 80x80
    • Rubber band for money
    • jet printer
    • photo paper
    • January 5th and spontaneously spoken out loud idea

    The device is powered from a standard computer power supply via twisted pair cable (Power over Ethernet), to which a functioning coffee stand has been connected for a long time (mounted under the table top).

    In fact, it amazes how convincingly the type of meter works on people who are spinning in the IT field and who are not familiar with networks and computers by hearsay. Plus, the eloquent speeches of managers talking about the new gadget that the admin installed for them are doing their job.

    On April 1, I’ll come to our other branch with a serious look to install a counter. A serious look will be supported by an order of the director and an act on the installation of the device.

    UPD Suffering: in more detail what is inside .

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