New version of Explay CMS

    Explay CMS
    Explay CMS is my own development, created under the impression of social networks, and especially of Habr. I did it out of good intentions to help those who do not have the funds to develop their engine, but have a worthwhile idea for a new startup.

    New features:
    - Users can create and modify articles;
    - Users can create and join blogs;
    - you can find friends and communicate with them by internal mail;
    - clouds and search by tags;
    - new editor;
    - insert video;
    - declensions and humane date format;
    - ratings (karma) of users and blogs;
    - the opportunity to see who voted for karma and how;
    - A new group of users - moderators.

    I would be glad if someone comes up with my development.

    Actually, here is a small promo page where you can download the new version.

    PS: You say - a clone of Habr. Perhaps, but didn’t anyone think to create something like that :)

    PPS: Leave bugs, comments and suggestions without leaving the box office :)

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