Euroset is going to compete with Skype

    The company "Euroset" announced the launch of a new project SIP-telephony. To date, one and a half million dollars have already been invested in the project, and another half a million will be invested in supporting the video call function and creating personal accounts during 2008. The service is positioned by the company as an alternative to long-distance communications and roaming services of mobile operators, however, there is clearly visible impending competition with the popular similar Skype service .

    You can use the new service directly from the Euroset website , or by installing the Europhone program ( download) to a computer (PDA and mobile phones - in the near future) or to a USB-phone. Also, to get started, you need to purchase a universal Euroset card. As a result, the user will be able to make calls to anywhere in the world, as well as send SMS.

    Through the web interface, the registered subscriber will be able to monitor the status of his account, study the history of receipt of payments, see a detailed report on the calls made. While subscribers can only make calls to any numbers, incoming calls are still under development, and Euroset has not yet decided on the launch date of such an opportunity.

    Sergey Savin, Analyst J`son & Partners, noted that the new Euroset service will have to face strong competition from Skype, as well as an insufficiently high level of Internet access throughout the country.

    via RBC daily , Сnews

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