Google is by far the most expensive brand

    For the third year in a row, Google , according to materials published by the research company Millward Brown Optimor rating, has been recognized as the most popular and valuable brand in the world. The value of the Google brand this time amounted to $ 86 billion, which is 30% more than last year.

    Second place was taken by General Electric , whose brand value was estimated by Millward Brown specialists at $ 71.4 billion.

    Google’s principal and ideological rival in the Internet market, Microsoft took an honorable third place in this rating, and the brand value was slightly less than $ 71 billion. Apple

    brandstrengthened its position and moved from 16th to 7th position. The money equivalent of seventh place is $ 52.2 billion. The popular Nokia brand "costs" $ 44 billion and takes 9th position. Hewlett-Packard , Cisco Systems , Oracle , Intel , Dell

    are also in the prestigious hundred of this year . Russia at 89th place was represented by MTS with a trademark valued at $ 8 billion. The total value of all brands that entered the Top 100 amounted to $ 1.94 trillion, which is 21% higher than last year.

    According to Millward Brown Optimor representatives, they determined the monetary equivalent of the brand based on a survey of more than a million consumers worldwide, as well as on the financial performance of these companies.

    via Cnews

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