Oculus Announces Oculus Platform Application Catalog

    The other day, Oculus has announced a new catalog of applications Oculus Platform, a third-party application store, the incarnation of the former Oculus Share.

    The first to access the catalog will be users of Samsung Gear VR video glasses, which were developed by the joint Samsung + Oculus team. Medgadgets already wrote on Habré about this device .

    Users of the mentioned device will have access to applications, games and experimental programs that are downloaded to the directory on a regular basis by third-party developers.

    Planned to create versions of Oculus Platformunder Rift, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. This application catalog can be one of the first where any developer can place his application / game that are related to virtual and augmented reality. Of course, developers will receive money for each sale of a copy of the application or game (unless, of course, the developer makes his product paid). Oculus can combine ecosystems of mobile and PC versions of video glasses.

    The company's vice president of products presents his vision for the Oculus Platform.

    The company has already introduced a preliminary version of the Oculus Platform interface. Most likely, it will look like a start screen with quick launch elements - games, movies, applications and everything else.


    And so it will work:

    Apparently, Oculus takes its new project very seriously, so we can expect a truly developed ecosystem for video glasses, which, of course, will positively affect the popularity and prevalence of the latter.

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