Retirement of an IT Specialist (Survey)

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    For the most part, you, by duty and vocation, love to write code and mess with a soldering station. It happened that you spend sleepless nights at your favorite pastime. But after a couple of decades, you can’t notice how she came ... pension. Maybe not suddenly, but systematically, but the fact remains, the years go by ... Someone is just starting to live, giving a fresh breath to new projects, and someone is covered in a blanket with a blanket with a cup of warm tea in his hand. Let's bring this moment closer and imagine what you would do when you retired, having a little discussion in the comments.

    UPD: Added source of retirement income, gender and age.

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    Are you ready to retire tomorrow?

    • 39.8% not yet ready 3154
    • 4.2% have been waiting for this moment 338
    • 55.8% in modern realities still need to live up to 4416

    What would you do most when you retired?

    • 27.6% by what is now at the forefront of the new products of their specialization and knee-deep in the code 2041
    • 35.4% took up a specialized hobby, which always lacked time 2620
    • 5.6% just would have rested, checkers, chess, dominoes 418
    • 16.4% would devote more time to family, children and grandchildren 1213
    • 14.7% devoted themselves to nature, abandoning the technological bustle of 1091

    How do you plan to meet a pension?

    • 4.7% with hope for the state 200
    • 70% with their savings 2968
    • 25.2% be what will be 1068

    Who are you?

    • 96.3% male 4126
    • 3.6% female 156

    How old are you?

    • 2.1% to 18 92
    • 68.1% 18 to 30 2972
    • 28.5% from 30 to 50 1246
    • 1.1% over 50 51

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