iPhone 6 Plus is ours! We disassemble the largest Apple smartphone to the base, comparing it with the iPhone 6 and 5S

    Despite the fact that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus went on sale at the same time, the version with a larger diagonal immediately became scarce. Yesterday, while working on a post about parsing the Six , I received information about the real battle unfolding in Europe over the iPhone 6 Plus. Honestly, there was a moment when the hope to promptly get a copy for parsing almost melted away. In Paris, in Nice, in Munich - everywhere the first phablet (or smartset, as you like) Apple went on sale in an insignificant amount and was instantly snapped up. And already around midnight the news arrived - one copy was still managed to be obtained. On Saturday morning, he arrived at a friendly service center, and we immediately started a total analysis.

    Of course, not to look at the filling, but to observe the progress of Apple engineering, maintainability assessments and comparisons with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s.

    Let's face it: we did not find any radical differences between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Of course, the vast majority of details are not compatible with each other, although sometimes it seems that the differences are made a little ... artificially. The iPhone 6 Plus resembles the iPhone 6 under a magnifying glass - it's all about the same, but bigger.

    Judge for yourself. Here is the iPhone 6 Plus with the cover removed.

    But iPhone 6, opened yesterday

    , can be mistaken for twins if they don’t lie nearby.

    Moreover, when we removed the iPhone 6 Plus motherboard and put it on the semi-assembled iPhone 6, they also turned out to be almost identical.

    The same layout, the same moisture protection. Compared to the iPhone 5s, the difference is enormous, but not between each other.

    So what, the analysis is canceled, nothing interesting?

    Not really.

    Firstly, one wonders at the size of the battery. Compared to the iPhone 5s, it’s just gigantic.

    With the Six, the difference is not so great, but there is, there is.

    Those who watched the video from yesterday's post saw how difficult it was to remove the battery from the iPhone 6, it was too firmly glued. So in 6 Plus it is glued simply tightly. It took a very long time to warm the device at the soldering station, and even after that the battery was removed with some effort.

    However, you should not complain about this. It is not necessary to change the battery in the iPhone infrequently, but if it suddenly starts hanging out inside the case, there is not much good.
    Secondly, the design of the lower loop has changed. Yesterday, we were glad that it had become compact and well-knocked down, and in the iPhone 6 Plus it suddenly stretched out and looked like a brother in the iPhone 5 s.

    And for comparison - with the iPhone 6. The

    connectors, as we see, are all the same, but the distance between them has grown significantly.

    Increased in size and the main speaker. Yesterday, we noted that it became healthy compared to its predecessor in the iPhone 5s, and so in 6 Plus even more. Screaming so that the wake of the dead. In combination with a powerful vibromotor that migrated to the phablet from the regular-size version, a very reliable alarm clock is obtained.

    The camera in the iPhone 6 Plus differs from the iPhone 6 in the presence of optical stabilization. I have not yet been able to determine the quality of her work. I took some pictures - everything seems to be the same as in the Six. But that’s why I don’t like the “first glances” made in a hurry, on which nothing is clear. For a week, calmly, thoughtfully check everything and then unsubscribe.

    As for the dimensions ... Well, he is healthy, of course. After it, you pick up the iPhone 5s and it seems like it's a toy, not a former flagship.

    With the Six, the difference is not so serious, but also noticeable.

    In the jeans pocket, which is characteristic, one and the other perfectly fit - a rounded shape and a slim body affect it. Therefore, I still can not decide which model I would like to walk with constantly. One thing is obvious: roundness combined with narrow frames and the absence of any screen protection makes the purchase of a cover or bumper just a must. Well, unless, of course, your hands are not of a steel fortress, or money doesn’t burn your pocket (replacing the screen on the iPhone 6 Plus in the first months will cost about 15 thousand rubles). However, life without a case has become dangerous since the days of the iPhone 4, and this is hardly an accident.

    Summing up our “showdown”, we can say that Apple made beautiful and elegant devices, not only from the outside, but also inside. Despite the fragile exterior, you cannot call them sissy - the connectors are strengthened compared to the 5s, there is serious protection against moisture, and the unification of the design of the large and small iPhone makes life easier for collectors and allows us to hope for a quick satisfaction of demand.

    If you missed something, I’m ready to answer questions in the comments. I also invite you to watch the video that we shot during the disassembly of the iPhone 6 Plus, there are many important comments.

    Many thanks to the online store Mediashop24.ru for the quickly mined instance of the iPhone 6 Plus. It was not easy at all, but the guys succeeded.

    And, of course, without Alexander Levchenko ( www.tech-town.ru ) I wouldn’t have figured it out myself, because unscrewing and then screwing in the 63 screws correctly is not a joke.

    The iPhone 6 Plus is alive, healthy, and works great, helping to gather impressions for a future review.

    PS My review of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus can be found here .

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