Microsoft will open source Silverlight

    24 hours after the announcement of Adobe's discovery of the Flex source , Microsoft received a symmetrical response. According to reliable information, she is also going to announce the publication of some fragments of Silverlight technology under an open license. This will happen simultaneously with the presentation of Silverlight in a couple of days.

    As you know, the release of the Silverlight platform, which is called the "killer" of Flash , is scheduled for April 30 (beta). A significant event will take place at the MIX 07 conference.

    It is not yet clear which fragments of Silverlight are planned to be published under an open license.

    At the same time, rumors appeared that Microsoft was preparing another hit on Flash, namely the release two months earlier than the deadline for developing interactive websites Microsoft Expression (an analogue of Creative Suite 3). According to the official schedule, the release of Expression is scheduled for the end of June, but it can take place right now.

    The battle for the minds and hearts of web developers flares up with renewed vigor. The multi-year handicap that Adobe received can be exhausted very quickly. "Microsoft programmers who own .NET will come to Silverlight, and programmers are reluctant to flash for a number of reasons," says entze , and many agree with him.

    via Infoworld

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