here is grandma and plan9, prolog and haskell.

    Hm. Invented, wrote an article, analyzed, and now analyzed. It turns out that on the scales of parallelization, larger than the automatic inside the processor, the most convenient method for describing the relationship between parallel components of the program is files, tricky, of course, more like memory, but files. Moreover, all attempts to invent a super-super-hyper system for parallelization come down to creating a simple and efficient distributed file system that is not tied to disks, of course (thanks to Rob Pike and Plan9). But what’s the most entertaining, all this is very closely connected with the functional programming and mathematical suggestions of Horn. You can look at everything. Hyh. Maybe I’ll throw an article here, if the conditions of publication and karma allow. We must also try to upload the archives in png:) Hands still do not reach.

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