Want to win the Race of Heroes? Get the recipe from LANIT

    Hooray-ah! The LANIT teams (platoons No. 3460 and No. 3464) took the third and 30th places in the Heroes Race race on August 18 in Alabino in the Adventure category. We were the best in the overall standings and among all the IT teams of this race!

    Ahead of our platoon there were only 3460 “We Give Good Together 2” teams and 3243 platoon. There were 164 platoons in total, and among them were many IT teams.

    I do not know who the winners are, but something tells me that these are definitely not IT teams. And so we, it turns out, won the unofficial IT Championship!

    Since last year, when we took the third place in the IT Championship of Heroes Racing , we were aiming to win this year. Unfortunately, the organizers have not announced the IT championship, so we decided that we would participate in the race in the category “Adventure”, where corporate teams usually participate. In some ways, this is a higher level, since the range of participants is much wider.

    We in IT are all people disciplined and focused on results. Therefore, we decided that the question of victory should not be allowed to take its course!

    To begin with, we made a plan:

    1. hard training
    2. exhausting workouts
    3. The will to win.

    But then, as usual, they abandoned the plan and decided to solve problems as they were received.

    At first we realized that the pledge of our victory in the right "cocktails" after training.

    Then we decided to pray to the good gods ...

    In the end, we decided to trust the professionals and went to the Heroes Race training (held in Neskuchny Garden on the Workout site a couple of times a week - see the map, they spread the schedule to https://vk.com/heroracetraining for the week ahead) and also began to do cross-country training with cool running coach Lyubov Morgunova .

    Unfortunately, the Heroes Race instructors did not support our methods and said to climb the wall ...

    ... and train the press, climb on the rope, rings, and so on ...

    Then we had the longest swim in the center of Moscow (if anyone understands what I mean).

    Sometimes they let us go for a couple of minutes to take a photo.

    We did strange moves with our running coach, Lyubov Morgunova .

    And again they prayed to the good gods. Strange, but after a month they began to hear us!

    Once the stakes are high, we trained even at night!

    Stages of development of man-sports?

    We can not catch up!

    In the end, we developed a meal plan for the week before the race and the race itself, discussed and tested all the equipment, received medical certificates, and discussed tactics.

    We even bungled our own army slogan (which we, of course, screamed at the Race)!

    The most important thing is that the rivals did not know that we were competing with them ;-). For the rest, we just hung out and had a great time!

    Next - a matter of technology. As they say, the race itself is a reward for a well done preparatory work. We just ran and enjoyed!

    And then there was a VICTORY !!! (well, or almost ... yet among the IT teams, we are the first ... well, in the absolute standings, only the third so far ... that is, we won all but those who won us ;-))

    And congratulations to management and colleagues on the department!

    The author and all the participants express their great thanks to the management of the Corporate Systems Department of LANIT, represented by Leonid Golovaty, the PR staff and the personnel department represented by Shestakova Ksenia and Vertinskaya Olga for supporting this crazy venture! You are super!

    As usual, we invite all our colleagues, partners and competitors from the IT industry to take part in the Heroes Race - it's always more interesting to compete!

    And for those who read to the very end, another set of tips / recipes for preparing the team for the Race of Heroes.

    • Need to train!
    • If you want to build one or two strong teams of 10 people for the Race of Heroes, then you need to involve a lot of people in this activity - 30-40 people.
    • It is necessary to set high goals, as only they motivate strong people.
    • Need to train!
    • The preparation time is at least three months (it took us so much). During this time, you can do a minimum of training and engage a wide range of active employees.
    • Purely theoretically, you can prepare yourself, but training with instructors Races Heroes are quite inexpensive (300 rubles / person) and much more effective, because they are more motivated, give focus on what you need to race, give you the opportunity to communicate with each other, allow you to evaluate each other's progress.
    • For communication and coordination, we used the chat in the Telegram (joke, it is also prohibited :)).
    • To train more often!

    My team has a vacancy, the most athletic, join!

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