Do not fall into the trap using Oracle JDK 11

Hello, Habr! I present to you the translation of the article "Do not fall into Oracle's Java 11 trap" by Stephen Colebourne.

Java 11 has been officially released . This is a major release with long-term support (LTS - long-term support). However, Oracle set a trap (intentionally or accidentally).


For 23 years, developers are used to downloading JDKs from the Oracle site and using it for free. Enter “JDK” into your favorite search engine, and the top link will lead to the Oracle Java SE download page (I intentionally do not provide the link). But this request and this link are now a trap.

The Oracle JDK referenced by almost all search queries is now commercial, and not free.

A key part of the updated license agreement is the following:
You may not: use the Programs for any data processing or any commercial, production, or internal business purposes other than developing, testing, prototyping, and demonstrating your Application;

You cannot use programs for any data processing or for any commercial, production or internal business purposes, except for the development, testing, prototyping and demonstration of your application;

The trap is as follows:

  1. Download the Oracle JDK (because this is what you always did, and this is where the search engine is likely to lead you).
  2. Use it in a production environment (because you did not understand and / or did not know that the license was changed)
  3. Get a nasty phone call from the Oracle Rights Protection team, which requires a lot of money.

In other words, Oracle can rely on the inertia of Java developers to force them to download the wrong (commercial) version of Java. If you do not read the text of the license agreement or warning very carefully, you may not even realize that Oracle JDK is now commercial, and therefore you may have to pay Oracle for Java.

Is this trap malicious behavior by Oracle? Readers will have their own opinion. It is worth keeping in mind that Oracle invests huge sums in the development of Java, so it is reasonable to have a commercial plan for those who want it. However, Oracle also they provide a free alternative.


The solution is simple!

Use the OpenJDK assembly.

In addition to its commercial JDK, Oracle is building an OpenJDK assembly. This is a free GPL build (the exception is Classpath, which is safe for commercial use). You can download it here .

Currently, the OpenJDK build from Oracle is the only one available. However, more will be available soon, for example, from AdoptOpenJDK (probably this week). As well as OpenJDK builds, from other non-Oracle community members who will be used for long-term support for Java 11. ( Translator's note: you can read this answer to SO about the difference between OpenJDK and AdoptOpenJDK )


DO NOT download or use the Oracle JDK unless you intend to pay for it.

From now on, to use Java 11, download and use the OpenJDK assembly.

Additional information on the topic: English: still-available-at-zero-cost.html

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