JUG.EKB: we integrate with the help of Java developers ’meaps

    Naumen held another meeting of the Java-community of Yekaterinburg - JUG.EKB. Mitap was held on September 13, on Programmer's Day. This is the 11th meeting.

    By tradition, our employees have become the program director, the presenter, and one of the speakers:
    1. Denis Kirpichenkov was once again a program director.
    2. Dima Kolmogortsev acted as the presenter (last time - one of the speakers).
    3. Andrey Chernoprudov (the presenter of several past meetings) this time became the speaker.

    What is JUG.EKB
    Meetings JUG.EKB is not just new and relevant information for participants. This is communication with non-indifferent to Java and new technologies. This is a relaxed dialogue with the speakers and useful contacts.

    We do JUG.EKB completely: from the selection of the date and selection of the site to the preparation of the program and the run of reports.

    What are we doing for?

    Mitap is, first of all, about the community. We want to unite Java-developers, so that they communicate, share experiences, tell interesting incidents from life and work.

    The larger and more active the community, the better for developers and for the market as a whole. It is always interesting: what about the others?

    What topics are raising

    Everything related to the Java world: code, testing, compilation, microservices, migration, API, Spring, multithreading, etc.

    At the last meeting we touched on the actual topic of mobile development.

    What is the format

    JUG.EKB is a meeting, not a conference. All meetings take place in an informal place, for example, in coworking or loft.

    We hold events on Thursdays, at 19:30 (so that everyone is comfortable in time).

    Usually in program 2 of the report, the first report is about 30 minutes. The second - up to 1.5 hours. After the official part we conduct informal communication: participants can communicate with each other and the speakers.

    The first report is usually done by someone from the Naumen staff. The second is a guest speaker (or several speakers), who often speak at large conferences such as Joker, Jpoint, etc.

    When did the first mitap

    We conducted the first JUG.EKB in November 2013. The program included two reports, one of the speakers at that time was our employee. About 40 people came to the first meeting.

    At the same time, we came up with the idea of ​​giving dukes made on a 3D printer to speakers . Such an unusual souvenir :)

    How have changed in five years

    • For five years, we changed two locations, because they just became small for us.
    • The audience at one time significantly "younger", but now still "growing up." The average age of participants is 27-32 years old.
    • On average, the number of students increases every year. If in the first year 100 people were gathered, then in 2018 more than 160 people. At the same time, the number of annual meetings does not change.
    • The backbone of the participants JUG.EKB formed. We know many not only by appearance, but also by name.

    We do not chase after the number of participants; we are interested in an interested audience who are really passionate about Java. We welcome participants to give a talk. We are not a closed club, but an open community.

    How do we see JUG.EKB in the future

    The past JUG.EKB showed that we have a large audience, there are a lot of Java developers in Yekaterinburg, all active and want to meet more often.

    Therefore, in our plans to increase the number of meetings, but not to reduce the quality of the content. You can’t entice only the “buns” of developers; interesting content is the most important part of our meetings.

    Perhaps sometime JUG.EKB will grow into a small conference, but that’s another story :)

    See photos from meetings in our group in VK , and video reports on the Youtube channel .

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