Games Coding Night Hackathon on the Game World

    In early October, Moscow will host the largest conference of game developers and the igromir exhibition . We decided to add one more interesting event for beginning developers to these events, and we will organize a special night hackathon Games Coding Night as part of the game world . The hackathon will be held on the night of October 2–3, 2014.

    Even if you have never tried your hand at game development, register , come, and the next day you will be able to boast a game developed independently for Windows or Windows Phone, and maybe even for Virtual Reality Points or Kinect. At the hackathon, you will learn about the features of developing games on various gaming platforms (HTML5,

    Unity , XNA, Monogame , etc.), learn to program Kinect for Windows, hear tips from the game industry guru, learn how to make virtual reality glasses yourself , and of course, you can devote an entire night to coding in the company of like-minded people with pizza, coffee and gingerbread cookies . Among the hackathon experts: Tatyana Smetanina, Dmitry Andreev and Dmitry Soshnikov (Microsoft), Valentin Simonov (Unity), Alexander Bragin (

    We will start on the evening of October 2 at 19.00 at the Aquarium Hotel (Crocus Expo, Myakinino metro)! More information about the schedule and what you need to take on a hackathon (and this is your laptop with the installed development tools - Visual Studio , Unity3Detc.) - on the registration page . The best projects to be developed at the hackathon will receive prizes!

    It’s better to come up with some idea of ​​a game application that you would like to develop - but even this is not necessary! We will help you come up with the idea of ​​a gaming application with which you can learn, and later - possibly - and earn money. The application developed at the hackathon can become the basis for the project submitted to the Imagine Cup contest , the start of its startup, and also - just a good line in the resume and a separate subject for pride.

    More details .

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