Brain Target - a program for objectifying the evaluation of the results of neurosurgical treatment of brain tumors

    Until recently, there was no objective way to evaluate brain tumors before and after surgical treatment. Those. surgeons selflessly operate patients, but it is still extremely difficult to analyze the results of this. The first domestic development in this direction was one of the GenerationS startups, the Sibneiro Brain Target program. Brain Target objectifies the results of the evaluation of neurosurgical treatment. Roughly speaking, the surgeon does this not exactly subjectively, since there is no single assessment methodology. And the Brain Target program objectively evaluates the characteristics of the tumor, separating it from the blood, hemostatic and other things that may remain before and after the operation. The Brain Target program analyzes images of CT and MRI, then gives the quantitative characteristics of the tumor. After an operation on a CT scan and an MRI, there is a set of all kinds of obscure phenomena:

    At the moment, the program evaluates the results for only surgical treatment of glioblastomas and arteriovenous malformations. The exact characteristics of the tumor before surgery allow you to accurately draw up a “technical task” for the surgeon, after the operation, it is more personal to prescribe postoperative therapy and a plan for further treatment.

    Surgical treatment of brain tumors includes opening the cranium - trepanation, and surgical excision of the tumor. The basic principle of the surgical treatment of brain tumors is the removal of as much of the tumor tissue as possible and the preservation of healthy tissue as much as possible. Today, modern surgery has in its arsenal not only a traditional scalpel, but also other tools that allow you to more safely excise a tumor - for example, endoscopic methods that even do not open the cranium, as well as the use of a laser or high-intensity ultrasound to excise soft tissues .

    The team of Sibneiro LLC knows firsthand what neurosurgery is and came to its development after Gleb Sergeyev (the author of the idea, a neurosurgeon) faced the problem of objective evaluation in practice. The statistics of complications due to this reason confirmed the urgency of the problem. The main value of the development is that it will significantly increase the quality of care and save losses due to complications after operations, of which 14 billion rubles a year in federal clinics alone. A small but experienced and talented team of Sibneiro LLC took up the search for a solution to the problem. These are three people:

    CEO - Sergeyev Gleb Sergeevich, neurosurgeon, author of the idea, development of software algorithms. Education - Medical (NGMU)
    STO - Calneus Leonid Evgenievich, who wrote the software solution;
    CMO - Sevastyanov Alexander Alekseevich, responsible for marketing, promotion and sales of the product.

    About 200 thousand people die from cancer in the country every year, therefore, a startup is definitely socially significant. Let's cheer for him together in the GenerationS contest and hope that he finds his investor.

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