Social network "for the rich"

    It was with this approach that a new social network (“code name” Facebook for Rich People) appeared on August 26 of this year.

    Registration in this network is no less than 9000 USD, however, further renewal of the subscription will cost "only" 3000 USD per year.
    Where do these numbers come from? The creator of the network, James Touchi-Peters ( ) states that these amounts are "comparable to the cost of membership in the best clubs in the country."

    Network positioning is a club for those who have more money than time. Unfortunately, the main site is not accessible to the public - However, you can get a bit of information on . Netropolitan promises:

    - Accessibility around the world - meeting people with similar lifestyles and interests;
    - Security and privacy - all network resources will be inaccessible to ordinary Internet users, including search engines (they say even all messages will be encrypted);
    - Lack of advertising;
    - Moderation - the community will be constantly monitored, they also promise affordable help for each club member;
    - Permanent availability - in addition to desktop versions, mobile versions are planned, as well as special applications for Android and iOS.

    From the FAQ, interesting, in my opinion, questions and answers:
    - To join the club you must be over 21 years old;
    - Netropolitan will never tell about its members, even how many of them;
    - Communication in English only (except for private messages).

    On the other hand, the tour only says that this network has completely standard functionality. Unless in addition to access, each member of the club receives unlimited storage in the cloud.

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