Hackers play Doom on printer

    Security experts from Context Information Security demonstrated how to hack an office printer using the Canon Pixma as an example.

    The hacked device was completely subordinate to experts, on which they launched a classic shooter of the 90s. To prove the remote control of the printer, hackers made the device run out of ink by printing hundreds of documents.

    According to hackers, the attack was successful due to the fact that the data in the firmware was encrypted using the XOR method. Experts also posted on their blog the technical details of the operation.

    The web interface of the printer does not require user identification, which allows anyone to connect to it. According to one of the experts, there is a problem with updating the firmware - it is possible to specify a different update source and then it will download the code that is beneficial to the cracker, for example, the Doom game.

    The same tactic applies to the office printer also in order to infect it with a trojan, which can allow attackers to spy on the company. The device will transmit information about printed documents, and will also become a vulnerability in the entire corporate system, which hackers can already use to infect employees' computers.

    Earlier, these same experts hacked into other devices: network storages, IP cameras, and even a children's toy - a robotic rabbit that connects to the Internet.

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