Stephen Wolfram has released an online version of Mathematica

    After many years, Stephen Wolfram still launched the Mathematica Online project : a cloud-based version of Mathematica's computer algebra system that works in any modern browser. True, some functions are disabled in the free version, and it is available only for 30 days and only for owners of the desktop program.

    The online version in some respects has advantages over the desktop one. For example, here several authors can collaborate on a document. In addition, the web interface is available on tablets and smartphones, writes Wolfram.

    As you can see in the screenshot of the web interface, Mathematica Online implements most of the functions from the standard program: you compose a document from text, graphics, formulas, code, and so on. If desired, the code is launched for execution.

    Documents in the regular Computable Document Format (CDF) format are stored in the cloud. But there is an option with installing the application on your infrastructure so as not to go online at all. Stephen Wolfram also suggests using the new Wolfram Programming Cloud service , implemented in the Wolfram Language programming language , to develop its own software .

    But still, the functionality of the web version is a bit limited, because on the server computing resources for each user are limited. But there are also advantages: now Cloud CDF interface can be embedded in any web page as a plug-in, without plug-ins.

    Collaboration is, of course, a key function. Let's say a teacher adds student accounts to Mathematica Online - and easily creates a separate copy of the document for each.

    In the future, Stephen Wolfram promises to release Wolfram Cloud mobile applications for different platforms to make Mathematica Online look more natural on tablets and smartphones.

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