How to cut your campaign budget through motivated traffic

    We continue to review digital commerce and advertising tools, as well as how to use them. Motivated traffic is a clear concept, but there are many different interpretations on the network. The purpose of our article is to streamline this information and answer the question: how can you use motivated traffic to reduce the budget of advertising campaigns and build a customer base. Welcome to cat.

    The shortest definition can be formulated as follows:
    Motivated traffic (motivational traffic) is a tool for attracting users in the digital industry, based on the reward of the user for the actions performed.

    The essence of motivated traffic

    The essence of motivated traffic is to reward the user for any action regarding your product, service or site, for example:

    • finding a site in the search and the transition from the issuance
    • viewing site pages with a specified time interval
    • posting reviews about a product or service
    • use of social buttons in relation to content (likes, “tell friends”)
    • watching a commercial
    • mobile app installation
    • and etc.

    Here you need to immediately clarify that motivated traffic is very different and, accordingly, the reward does not necessarily imply the payment of funds. Earned funds can also be issued in the form of votes on a social network, various game currencies can be converted, etc. - nevertheless, the method of remuneration for actions performed is agreed upon in advance under the conditions of use of the service. However, most often users consider such activity for themselves as additional earnings, and the earned funds are withdrawn using the payment systems WebMoney, PayPal and others.

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    Historical reference

    For most users of Habr, who have seen the dawn and the harbingers of the Internet and themselves consciously created the RuNet in the form in which it is now, there is no need to explain what motivated traffic is. It is called cash back (cash back), it is also motivational traffic or offer advertising. But for a wide audience, it would be incorrect not to give a brief definition here:

    Motivated traffic is traffic that is attracted through the payment system to the user for actions performed on the Internet. The principle is similar to CPC, CPA or CPL - pay per click, registration or action, but without intermediaries. Motivated traffic is the attraction of motivated employees to your website who will perform the necessary actions on the part of users.

    In this case, guaranteed and final are:
    • completed actions
    • payment for completed actions

    Despite the simplicity of the solution, website owners in most cases cannot create motivated traffic on their website in the required industrial volumes, therefore they turn to specialized services like ProfitTask , SocialTask and similar systems in principle. Simplifying it as much as possible, it sounds like this: do you need registrations and leads? - That way!

    The main types of motivational traffic

    User traffic is the most modern type of motivational traffic, the demand for which appeared in connection with the development of analytics and methods for controlling spam on the Internet. Ordinary Internet users, usually sorted by gender, age and geo-targeting, receive tasks that they then perform under the control of the system of distribution of tasks and moderators. This type of traffic is natural and can be used as a means of increasing ROI.

    Robotic traffic - was widespread for various kinds of "markups" in the era of "uncontrolled" and sunken more or less "anonymous" Internet. It exists to this day, it is much cheaper than user traffic, however, it carries enormous risks of detecting the fact of cheating and is not recommended as a means of increasing the ROI for digital resources in modern conditions.

    How do promotional offers work?

    An offer is one of the basic concepts of motivational traffic. As the name implies, this is the final offer for the user to go to the customer’s website, which in this case is called the advertiser and perform a certain action or series of actions for a fee. The remuneration is transferred if the system of assignment of tasks and moderators accepted its correct execution.

    How is motivational traffic used?

    For startups: motivational traffic can be a relatively easy replacement for banner advertising and other advertising tools that require a certain advertising budget, usually several times the cost of campaigns to attract motivational traffic.

    For applications: among developers it is considered that a good and sought-after application will be downloaded already. However, in conditions when applications enter the market every day in batches, this picture is blurred. User motivational traffic can be used as a way to attract attention to the application in this case as part of guerrilla marketing.

    Partisan Promotions:here the use of motivational traffic is limited only by the scope of legislation. You can draw increased attention to promotions, links, profiles and other advertising tools.

    One of the tangible advantages of motivational traffic, I believe that it enables development teams with a fairly limited budget and without basic knowledge in advertising and product positioning to draw attention to their product.

    Also, as a way to cut the advertising budget in the event that I would like to focus more on development. In principle, this is good news: the modern Internet makes it possible to start, if not completely from scratch, then, nevertheless, “almost”.

    In the event that the product or service after the first “push” receives the response of the audience and is supported, already from the next round one can start attracting more serious and heavy advertising mechanisms that require a budget both for the corresponding specialist and for their implementation. We will talk about this in the following articles of our cycle “Internet dictionary”: subscribe to our hub, we will find what else to tell!

    Advertising: ALTWeb Group presents ProfitTask solution for managing motivated traffic. In ProfitTask, you can set the necessary sequence of actions and the necessary types of tasks - for the type of motivational activity that you need at the moment.

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