The right bag for the right boom

    There are things that, having tried once, it is impossible to refuse. I am talking about good headphones, a good phone, a comfortable laptop and a good bag. Yes, it’s about the bag. We spend a lot of time choosing the most beautiful and productive device, and then put it in the first backpack or briefcase we have. And we live, not suspecting that it could be otherwise. While the right, well-thought-out bag can bring a little less pleasure and benefit than additional memory or a faster processor.

    Remember the post “ What the Khabrovsk citizens carry with them ”, where people boasted about the contents of their backpack? To be honest, I was more interested not in the content, but in what the people wear their things. So, by the way, one of the most interesting things looked like - Boomburum photo bag.

    Today I would like to go to that topic from the other side and show a dozen excellent (really excellent) bags for different tastes, colors and purses.

    A slight lyrical digression: I can’t say that I’m such authority in bags. At the moment I have one shoulder bag and two backpacks in which I carry my things with varying degrees of frequency. Of these, SwissGear SA1923 ScanSmart is most popular (price $ 60- $ 70). It is really well made, thought out to the smallest detail and it has a couple of very nice chips like snap keys in your pocket. But it is too bulky for everyday wear, and I'm thinking about replacing it.

    I also have an excellent Grid-It liner that allows you to make any bag advanced, and a Bellroy travel wallet.

    It seems like a good set, however, in all of this there is one “but” - for obvious reasons, I could not test a large number of bags and recommend the very best. Therefore, I am now proposing a small deal: this topic will consist of two parts. The first, and most voluminous, will be dedicated to the selection of professionals. Well, the second, smaller one, is already about my things.

    So, the professionals. There is such a site, whose main idea is to take and show the best product for a not very sophisticated user in any category. For example, the best camera , the best home theater or the best NAS. I specifically wrote to the “not sophisticated user,” because any professional and veteran of the forum battles will smash this choice to pieces. But! For a person who does not have clear wishes and specific criteria, this is what you need. The items chosen by the site are really good (true-true). And in the choice of bags, we are exactly the same "not very sophisticated." So let's trust the professionals.

    And how to choose? Initially, the authors (and this is the five editors of the site, plus interviews were conducted with very demanding people in terms of bags, such as Adam Sevidzh from "Legend Destroyers") several hundred candidates were examined. Immediately noted options with overpriced, ugly and low-functional bags. The resulting 60 candidates were picked up, vilified for several weeks and selected the most worthy in different categories and price ranges, published in the appropriate section . And now let me tell you about those options that I personally liked. If you don’t like my choice, there are many other good things in the link above.

    Probably the most interesting section is photo bags. In addition to jokes, they are, as a rule, the most confused in terms of functionality. I liked this one: Tamrac Zuma 5 for $ 50.

    She looks good even at the stage of the first meeting. And this is what the “second layer” looks like. Pay attention to the place for landing the "carcass" of the camera.

    Such a reporter bag is still outwardly good: Domke Reporter's Satchel (price $ 100):

    It is the official bag of the White House News Photographers Association. True, judging by the photos, functionally it will be worse than the previous version. But beautiful.

    Well, a good backpack option: Lowepro Fastpack 250 for $ 70.

    Laptop Backpacks
    Perhaps the most massive section. The site’s authors are distinguished by two obvious favorites: the Mission Workshop R6 Arkiv Field Backpack, a modular backpack starting at $ 210 and an unremarkable GoRuck GR1 for $ 295.
    Let's start with the Mission Workshop R6 . This is a rather interesting (as well as durable, waterproof and so on) representative of modular backpacks. The basic idea, you guessed it, is to be able to purchase individual items and hang them on a basic backpack.

    Since even the base can fit a lot of things, in the presence of buyable models, the backpack becomes almost bottomless. Here is a short video on what fits there:

    By the way, modules can be hung not only at the back (such an almost rail construction made of nylon is used for hanging), but also on the sides. An example, here in this video , starting from the 32nd second. By the way, there is a simpler and thinner version of the backpack - R2 - without side rails.

    Alas, you have to pay for functionality. The 20-liter base, as I said, starts at $ 209 and the minimum assembly is easy to pull for $ 300. Yes, yes, as in any "constructor", they use the concept of assembly here, and users boast of "user". So to speak, assembled the core, pack and backpack.

    In general, it should be noted that the topic of modular backpacks has recently become relevant. For example, recently on Kickstarter they raised money for a similar projectEmber Equipment .

    A backpack that would suit Batman or Blade well is assembled from modules with magnets. The authors especially emphasize the security, convenience and inability to discreetly disconnect any of the modules. Be sure to watch a video about him - it's interesting there.

    Back to The second recommended backpack was the GoRuck GR1 . At a cost of under $ 300, it looks ugly.

    However, the authors argue that this 26-liter backpack, firstly, looks smaller, secondly, it can last ten years or more, and thirdly, it is very comfortable to carry and easily distributes the load on large hiking trips. In general, they write that the backpack was developed by a company that had previously worked for the American army and was tested on green berets.

    But outwardly, he still, of that ... Personally, I would instead prefer either Topo Designs Daypack for $ 139, or my old SwissGear SA1923 for $ 70.

    Women's laptop bags
    Most bag observers simply forget about the fact that there are a lot of women around us (hello to the beautiful half of Habr) and they need a) to look beautiful; b) carry laptops too. So a backpack very often may not fit the style (especially if it looks like a Mission Workshop).
    Especially for girls on Thewirecutter there are three models. I like this one the most : McKlein Lake Forest Briefcase for $ 156

    But there is also a simpler model - for $ 68.

    And the last part - the portfolios. editors write that they are simply in love with the plain-looking Jack Spade Waxwear Computer File Case portfolio.for as much as $ 400 (in general, they write that Mission Workshop R6, GoRuck GR1 and this portfolio are the best bags that they have ever come across). In the review, the author notes that if he had to choose which manufacturer of bags to leave, and to blow up the others to such a grandmother, then he would choose Jack Spade without blinking an eye. I won’t be surprised if the author has a poppy at home :)

    But for me $ 400 for a bag, this is a bust. So I liked Tom Bihn Ristretto for $ 135 more:

    and two, as it seems to me, luxurious portfolios. The first, roomy LL Bean Maine Guide Waxed Canvas Briefcase , is made of waxed canvas with leather inserts, and does not give out a modern bag in itself, except for a compartment for a 15-inch laptop.

    Its all-leather version was recognizedAskmen’s best portfolio of 2008 . And the manufacturing company provides a lifetime warranty on all of its bags. Not bad? Not bad. But there is, as usual, a fly in the ointment - due to the large number of compartments and spent materials, the bag initially weighs under a pound. According to the author of the review, it seemed to me that she immediately came with several books inside. Otherwise, it's just a great everyday bag.

    And the second option you like: Filson Original Briefcase for $ 250:

    With Dappered, this portfolio was named the best in 2012. It is also heavy (also above 0.5 kg), also from waxed canvas, and also damn beautiful, “functional as hell” and durable.

    That's all with the first part. As I already said, in it I tried to write in general terms about those bags that I liked most. In the Favorite Bags section you can find other items, as well as reviews dedicated to each of the bags. And now, I would like to talk a little about my experience.

    I wrote above that I consider the SwissGear SA1923 ScanSmart backpack to be the most convenient and thought out of my bags. It costs more or less, and is well done. But, alas, for everyday wear, it seems to me too big. Therefore, most often I go with a regular Mascotte bag, bought at a sale. I would not be satisfied with this bag, if not for one improvement: a year ago I bought Cocoon Grid-it .

    In fact, this is such a hard liner in a bag containing a huge amount of rubber straps. Thanks to these straps, anything can be pushed into the liner and it will hold tight. How it looks can be seen in the video:

    It fits a lot, holds firmly and simply unrealistically saves space in the bag. The same heap of everyday cables keeps just a bang. I bought a small liner worth $ 25, and I still consider it one of the most useful acquisitions. Well, as for the bag itself, alas, it will soon have to be changed. And apparently, for something from the above list.

    Another good thing I have is a Bellroy Travel Wallet . I fly quite often, so a wallet that easily holds a passport, boarding pass, cash cards, airline loyalty cards, as well as a mini-pen (I don’t even talk about cash) was just a salvation for me.

    It’s interesting that several acquaintances of the Muscovites who had come in large numbers (of those who are constantly forced to wear and present their passports), looking at me, also ordered themselves for such a wallet.

    That’s all for today. And now, please tell us what you carry your things in? Which bag brings you convenience and pleasure? Share your findings in the comments, let's make this post a topic of good and useful finds together :) I remind you that you are reading a Shopozz company blog - the free Mail Forwarding service from the USA. Shopozz will gladly, at a low price and in a guaranteed time, deliver everything that you want to buy in the USA and other countries, including the aforementioned briefcases and bags. Subscribe to our blog so as not to miss interesting articles and reviews. Have a nice shopping with Shopozz !


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