Results of the How I Work Survey and Some Disappointing Findings

    Well, it is time to take stock of the mega-poll "Do you think that works better than your average colleague?" . Let's open maps - we conducted this poll not only on Habré, but also among readers of our mailings. The results are a little different.

    Despite some joking polls, I asked my colleague SlavaPankratov to analyze the results. A colleague is interesting not only because in 7 years he made an interesting career from a tester (in transit through consulting) to the director of technology of the largest Internet company, but also because he received a second tower in practical psychology and even sinned with career counseling (which hopefully will tell later).

    Is there anything in real life that matches the results or nothing can be said about them? The resulting video (the first in the series) and present to your attention.

    At 11 minutes fit:
    • Resulting survey graphs - where they diverged from reality
    • What is a basic attribution error
    • Some disappointing conclusions about self-esteem and career

    PS Of course, we will be glad to see supporting or other analytical analyzes of these not very serious surveys.

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