First Interim Results from Moverio Apps Market Android Developer Contest

    To summarize the brief interim results of the Epson Moverio BT-200 Video Glasses Application Developers Contest :

    • We just started receiving applications from participants and testing the first applications.
    • Among the applications there are very non-trivial and interesting solutions, for example, related to navigation and geolocation using voice!
    • In the process of communicating with the developers, we received a lot of useful comments regarding the process of approving and downloading applications to the store, which we passed to the team responsible for developing the Moverio Apps Market.
    • If you have any comments or questions regarding the process of downloading applications to the store, write them here or by personal message. We will consider all messages and give all the answers.

    Still, two weeks is not enough to collect data for the interim report, so the next report will be posted in a month.

    Dear developers! We are waiting for your application!
    Do not miss the chance to win one of the valuable prizes !

    UPDATE (September 18, 2014): As our Japanese colleagues told us, it is not necessary to have a PayPal Business account in order to receive funds from sales of applications in the Moverio Market. You can also use a PayPal Premier account, provided that it is owned and authorized in the name of the developer who posted the application in the store.

    Dear Khabravchians,
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    Looking forward to seeing you on our GT blog!
    Epson Team

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