Battery-free pacemaker works like a clock

    Moreover, both in the literal and figurative sense of the word. Firstly, such a device works very accurately, like a clockwork, to maintain a given heart rate. And secondly, for such work, this device uses the principle embodied in the usual clockwork.

    In fact, the idea of ​​creating an pacemaker without an external power source by its author, a scientist with the surname Zurbuchen, came up with the usual mechanism of a car factory wristwatch.

    The prototype was created in a matter of weeks , and after checking the prototype, it turned out that the idea was quite realistic. And the idea is to use contractions of the heart muscle to charge the device’s battery. This process consists of three steps:

    1. The contractions of the heart muscle set in motion the mechanism of the pacemaker, causing its elements to rotate; The rotation causes the spring of the mechanism to compress. Compression occurs to a certain limit, after which the spring begins to unwind, forcing a small electricity generator to work.

    2. The generated electricity is accumulated in the battery;

    3. The accumulated electricity is used to maintain the pacemaker system, which leads to the correction of the rhythm of contraction of the heart muscle.

    According to the developer, this device has already passed successful tests on animals (pigs), but for use in clinical conditions, the pacemaker needs to be improved. Now the prototype, as seen from the announcement of the photograph, consists of several parts. The main task of the developers is to combine all this by placing them in a single small housing. And of course, you must ensure maximum reliable operation of the entire system.

    If the team of scientists (the project is developed by specialists from the University of Berne) succeeds, then the carriers of pacemakers will forever no longer need to regularly change the power sources in their vital devices.

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