Google will give students the opportunity to work for free with a Chromebook for 4 days

    chromebook lending library

    Google is known for its innovative approach to promoting some of its products, both software and hardware. The other day Google announced a new promotion: on 12 different US campuses (yes, while the promotion is relevant only for the USA), the mobile Chromebook Lending Library will be traveling around.

    At the same time, on every campus, Google will offer students to try the chromobook at work. For this, any student is given 4 days, and working with the system will be absolutely free. If the student forgets to return the laptop, you will have to pay for it.

    This action, according to the authors of the project, will allow students to understand whether the chromobook is suitable for work, with all its advantages (long battery life, ease of use, a large amount of memory in the "cloud", the availability of cloud software, and more).

    Dates of the campaign at various US universities

    As mentioned above, this entire campaign is not permanent, and the chromobook library will last only four days on each campus. It was good, of course, if they had even been handed out at all, and not only given for temporary use, but it would have been an auction of unprecedented generosity, and not a promotion, right?

    via Google for Education

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