An exoskeleton without a heap of iron, or an exosuit from DARPA

    How to make an exoskeleton easy and convenient?

    What do you think when you hear the word “exoskeleton”? Most likely, about Iron Man or about bulky structures connected to the mains and equipped with hefty machine guns. In any case, these are my first thoughts. But in this case, this is not an exoskeleton, but an exosuit. It is mainly made of fabric and it is very light. DARPA has now poured nearly three million dollars into this project as part of the Warrior Web program.


    In fact, the exosuit will act like real muscles, helping a person’s legs exert effort in the right directions while walking. The device is put on like regular pants. Now the main task of the developers is to fully reproduce the movements of the user's muscles so that the person feels comfortable in these clothes, so that it really facilitates his movements. This is possible due to correctly positioned strips of fabric with built-in flexible sensors controlled by a microprocessor with reduced power consumption, which is very important for combat conditions.

    This project falls under the DARPA Warrior Web program, as this program is designed to prevent injuries to soldiers. So when the project is finalized, it can get to the US military.

    In fact, after all this, I am interested in the following question: what is happening in Russia like that?

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