A bit about us

    Welcome to the PentestIT Blog.

    We want to talk about PentestIT, as well as share the principles of our company.

    When creating the company, certain principles were laid down and a line of development was built aimed at achieving professional results of the highest level in the field of information security.

    On the way to becoming a modern PentestIT, one cannot fail to mention the book that inspired us to formulate precisely those requirements and principles that we adhere to when working with partners and customers. This is, without exaggeration, Sir Richard Branson, one of the greatest businessmen of our time, Losing Innocence
    You can write hundreds of pages about the Virgin conglomerate, which includes about 400 companies in various fields of business, and about the style of doing such a business. It was Branson and his philosophy in managing the company that inspired us in many respects and determined our development path, and therefore we brought the best that we could adopt from Virgin's business principles to the Russian market as part of Pentestit.

    What gives us such confidence in an excellent result? The answer is simple: for us there are no unimportant customers, no stupid questions, no tasks that cannot be completed. We are pleased to accept the challenge and solve problems, finding ever new ways to make our customers satisfied with the results of PentestIT.

    Sincerely, PentesIT Project Team

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