Open run. Finguru is looking for like-minded people to create a global IT service

    imageIn our last article, “How We Created a Mass Accounting Service,” we talked about the principles and rules of the Finguru company. In today's post, we would like to make readers a proposal for cooperation . We invite everyone to take part in the creation of an “advanced” accounting service, which has no analogues yet.

    Here we will share what we already have - with our ideas and ideas “to whom and why it is beneficial”, and at the end of the article we would like to receive feedback: how are you offering us, are you ready to join us and offer your ideas.

    So, to the essence of our proposal. Entrepreneurs hate bookkeeping. And accountants do not know how to sell. But both of them should interact with each other, often not understanding the specifics of each. Finguru will “help with accounting” to any businessman, but now we are also ready to help any accounting company with his business. And all this thanks to our developments in the following areas:

    I. Marketing and sales. Share brand

    We offer a kind of franchise history for small and large accounting firms. A company (or even one remote homework accountant), as before, can work under its own name, but be accredited by Finguru in its city.
    Why is it beneficial for small companies: we solve the problem of attracting customers for them (some will come directly from our website, some will come when searching for the “Finguru” brand in your city).
    Why is it profitable for large companies. As a rule, large companies have no problems attracting new customers, but there is another - the “ceiling”, a certain number of customers whom they can serve. Usually it is 50-100 companies. We will help large companies not only profitably attract customers, but also effectively serve them.

    II. Documents and processes. Sharing standards

    Each accounting firm has to create its own documents: starting from the texts of service contracts and ending with letters to customers. But why reinvent the wheel. We have already prepared hundreds of necessary templates, and they work great. And most importantly - part of the processes that are carried out in other accounting firms by people, we are fully automated.
    Example: an entrepreneur did not issue an act on time.
    How this problem is solved in a regular accounting firm: an employee opens Excel or 1C (underline as necessary) and begins a “manual” search for a forgetful client. After that sends him a letter.

    imageHow this problem is solved in “Finguru”: the system itself finds the “debtor” and sends it a polite letter. Moreover, with an appeal by name and a detailed indication of further actions - the recipient has the feeling that a company employee is conducting a dialogue with him, not a robot.
    Why is it beneficial for small companies. No need to waste time creating texts of documents, letters, appeals, no need to keep a calendar of reminders for each client. It's easier to take a ready-made solution with us and start working.

    III. Production software. Sharing convenience

    The advantages of production software from Finguru is a set of "chips" that make working with documents as simple, convenient and fast as possible.
    Example: a client sends an invoice to the accountant with a list of one hundred items. The accountant needs to translate this document into electronic form in order to continue work. Previously, you would have to redo each position manually, and it would take more than one hour. But with Finguru software, this task can be solved in a couple of minutes. See for yourself:
    Why it is beneficial for large companies. Saving resources and staff time. Ready-made work standards automated in the CRM system.

    Why is it beneficial for small companies. Firstly, it seriously saves time, which means that you can serve more customers. Secondly, all software is already “tailored” for accounting services, which means that you do not need to compile a solution from various ready-made software products or look for developers for your solution on the side. In addition, such searches are fraught with serious expenses, but not the fact that the result will be satisfactory.
    Why is it profitable for large companies.We acknowledge that large companies have their own automation systems for different processes (this is the popular 1C, systems for sending reports via the Internet), but our solutions will serve not as a replacement, but as a good addition to this list. Just add the blocks you need to your systems: electronic document management, scanning and primary recognition, checking contractors, an electronic archive - and enjoy the result.

    IV. Management software. Share tasks

    Management software from Finguru is a powerful CRM system that is closely integrated into business processes and existing accounting software. Perhaps for small companies this is not so necessary (due to the lack of a large staff of employees and customers), but for large companies this is a big plus. Our software allows you to not only distribute tasks among employees and monitor their implementation, but also simplify the lives of customers. Management software from “Finguru” does not require installation on a computer, and it is not only closely connected with professional accounting programs (such as 1C and Accounting Kontur), but also with other information systems: electronic document management, an online conference system, etc.

    V. Training and support. Sharing knowledge

    Who can an accountant contact if he has a professional question? Most often, the answer is sought in forums or in regulations. In the first case, it is not a fact that the answer will be correct; in the second, it may take too long to find the right answer. Finguru contains an electronic knowledge base in the form of cases, similar cases and financial transactions.
    Example: an accountant needs to post to a foreign currency account. In this particular case, consider VAT or not? And if you count, then how? For help, he can turn to the personal manager of Finguru and get not only an answer, but also an example of such posting from our database.

    Conclusions:we are open for further collaboration with entrepreneurs, accounting firms, IT-specialists. Our ultimate goal is to automate business processes, making accounting services simple and quick. If you have already been involved in similar developments or want to help us, join us !

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Would you like to participate in the creation of accounting outsourcing standards?

    • 8.2% Yes, I was engaged in similar developments, it is interesting to me 7
    • 10.5% Yes, I was engaged in similar developments, but it’s NOT interesting for me 9
    • 14.1% I am ready to cooperate! 12
    • 17.6% The market for accounting software is full and nobody needs it! fifteen
    • 49.4% I don’t understand anything at all 42

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