Epson Photo Contest - not just yet another photo contest

    We decided to write my first “Friday” (not quite off -topic IT) post.

    In short: this is not the first year (or rather, more than ten years) that we have been holding our Photo Contest , in which almost anyone can take part. We also summarize , organize master classes and, of course, give prizes to the winners .

    "Chips" of our photo contest:

    • We always try to cooperate only with professionals in our field so that the contestants have the opportunity not only to win prizes, but also to get a professional opinion and attend a master class, where the curators will summarize the results of each stage and give advice to beginning photographers.
    • And curators review the best photos of the week in the " Reviews " section . Just like Artemy Tatyanovich’s, only about the photo.
    • And in the review, the photos fall as follows: every week we upload to the site of our partner, social networks, the most interesting works in our opinion for this period. Social network members vote for the best photos, and 5 works with the highest number of “likes” are reviewed by the stage curator.
    • The action "expert advice." This, of course, is not a purely photo-epson theme, but still useful. If someone has decided to buy a photo printer, scanner or projector and is well aware of what tasks the device will have to solve, then instead of digging the Internet and forums to select the right device, you can shift this task to the shoulders of our support team. Wonderful guys work in technical support, and they are always ready (completely impartially!) To advise the device and help with the choice.

    If you have any kind of camera and desire to take part in the contest, you are welcome to

    Dear Khabravchians,
    Due to the fact that has been divided into three resources (HabraHabr, GeekTimes and MegaMozg), the Epson company’s blog has moved to .
    Looking forward to seeing you on our GT blog!
    Epson Team

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