Backup for everyone

    In this article I will tell you a little about how to quickly and easily make backup copies of all your data - from copying files to external media or another computer, to backup browser bookmarks.

    Back up files

    Naturally, the most important task of backup is to backup important files. One of the simplest solutions seemed to me the lightweight Russian-language program GoodSync (the free version is quite functional for simple tasks).

    So, we make a backup. We create a task, select its type (synchronization or backup), specify the source folder and destination folder and voila! After analysis, the program is ready to synchronize folders or just copy files from the first to the second. It is possible to create a backup schedule. Supports FTP, WebDAV, SFTP. The only drawback noted is the inability to back up directly to the zip archive.

    Backup in browser

    Mozilla firefox

    • FEBE addon :
      Mozilla Firefox addon for convenient full backup (extensions, bookmarks, passwords, etc.)

      Everything is simple here too. Install the add-on, select what to backup, choose where to backup and create a schedule. All! The program itself will create the necessary backups.
      Add-on settings window:
    • Backing up bookmarks:
      To back up bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox, select the "Bookmarks" menu item, there "Manage bookmarks", look for the "Import and backup" button, select "Backup" in the list.


    • Backing up bookmarks:
      To create a backup copy of bookmarks, go to the "Bookmarks" menu item, click on "Manage bookmarks", then the "File" button and the "Save As" item.


    • Backing up bookmarks:
      In chrome, you need to click on the "Settings" button, then select "Bookmark manager" (see screenshot), in the manager we find the item "Tools", and there "Export bookmarks".

    Or you can use the Opera Link service:
    1) In the “File / File” menu, select the item “Synchronize Opera ... / Synchronize Opera ...”;
    2) Choose what exactly needs to be synchronized;
    3) Enter the account information, if any, or register by clicking "Register / Sign Up".

    Backup on the phone


    • MyPhoneExplorer program :
      A full range of services for synchronizing with a computer and backing up everything, from contacts (export even to xls) and SMS to files on a memory card. The program is extremely simple and free.

      The whole difficulty is that the program will recognize the phone. To do this, you need to install the necessary drivers ( here I laid out most of the USB drivers for SonyEricsson phones (12 MB)), connect the phone and click on the "Search for devices" button. After that, you can perform multisynchronization, and in the necessary tab, export contacts, notes, SMS, etc.

    All other programs work on the principle of "Launched, connected, synchronized." :-)

    • PC Suite program :
      Standard Nokia program for communication between telephone and computer.

    Windows mobile-based devices

    • ActiveSync :
      A standard program for communication between a PDA and a computer. Incompatible with MS Windows Vista.
    • Windows Mobile 6.1 Device Center :
      A program for synchronizing a PDA with a computer running Vista

    Sync and backup in browser

    And let's remember our passwords!

    • Personally, I use four to five different passwords daily. I repent! Almost all of them are stored in the browser, so it often happens to me that I cannot remember the password I need. From this we conclude that passwords must also be backed up!
      The site is suitable for this . There we will be provided with protection and a place for our passwords, which can be written down and, if necessary, restored.
    • The add-on for the fox, safari and donkey Xmarks does a very good job of saving passwords . The principle of operation is simple: register in the system and copy your bookmarks and passwords to the server. If necessary, all this can be restored.
      Add-on settings window:

    And for now, thank you :)

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