hover scoot: the choice of true gentemlen

    If anyone does not know, then Hover Scooter is a wild mixture of motobike, scooter and carpet-plane. Designed for one rider, he gently hovers above the ground, making everyone wonder and envy (the price of $ 16,999.95 decides).


    as people who are more literate than me in mechanics say , acceleration is carried out using a throttle and clutch on the handles. To increase the speed you just need to lean forward. Braking is done by turning off the acceleration, and the braking distance will take about 6 meters. For turns, you also need to lean to the left or right.

    all this, in general, is no longer news (“scooter” for about 2 years).
    another is more interesting: it has recently turned out that the concept was developed already in 1960.

    Bond nervously smokes on the sidelines:

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