Pinarik online. Answers on questions

    Thus, it took almost two days with the launch of " pinarika ". I already have two green cells :) and you?
    Thanks so much for the feedback, tips and criticism. In this topic I will try to answer the comments received.
    I received a lot of comments, and still unanswered messages in the mail. Immediately I apologize to whom I have not had time to answer yet.


    1. Fixed some bugs. For users of the Opera, registration seems to be working fine. If you still have errors - write.
    2. For users who did not receive a letter to confirm registration, made it possible to re-send the letter. For this, there is a link in the login and registration form: “I did not receive a letter to confirm email. mail :( ".
    3. Added a widget from to collect wishes . I will try to implement the most required soon.
    4. Added the ability to clear the cell. Now each cell has three states that switch one after another: empty -> unproductive -> productive -> empty -> and so on.

    Answers on questions

    Next I will try to answer frequently asked questions.


    The design will be. Updated. I’m thinking about this issue now. I also consider whether there are ready-made “themes” or the possibility of setting my own design / colors. I apologize to users who have difficulty with color determination. Did not take this moment into account. I undertake to fix it soon.

    Monthly breakdown

    I plan to add an additional view in the form of a breakdown by month. But he has not yet decided which species will be optimal.
    By the way, when you hover over the cell, the date is displayed, maybe someone did not notice.

    Productivity Grade and Commentary of the Day

    It was proposed to make several gradations of productivity, for example, from -5 to +5. There were also suggestions to add the ability to comment on days: to know if not only the day was productive or not, but why. All the beauty of pinarik is in its simplicity. This is also its advantage. In order to describe what has been done every day, in my opinion, you need much more effort on your own than just celebrating whether the day was productive or not. The same thing about gradations. In my opinion, gradation will complicate the perception, so I will not implement it so far. Regarding the comments on the days - I am considering how to do it more conveniently, but have not yet come up :)


    It will be necessary. Both personal and general. So far, there is simply not enough data, as I’ll type in at least a week - I’m realizing it.


    Export, integration with Google / Outlook / iPhone, etc., OpenId and other features in the plans. Write and vote in the reformal widget :) Thank you all.

    UPD: Regarding gradations and 50/50 cells: I believe that one of the effects of pinaric is that I honestly answer myself: have I worked productively today or not. If you enter gradations and 50/50, then this does not work.

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