For Raspberry Pi Model B + created a VGA adapter

    raspberry pi vga adapter

    As you know, the Raspberry Pi mini-PC has an HDMI connector, but no VGA. So if your monitor only has VGA, it is not suitable for working with the Raspberry Pi.

    That was until recently. A craftsman named Gert van Loo independently created a VGA adapter for For Raspberry Pi Model B +. The adapter uses a 40-pin connector on the new "raspberry" model.

    And now Malinka can support working with two displays simultaneously. Rather, it will be in a few weeks - right now the creator of the adapter is working on the corresponding software, which allows adding the Raspberry Pi Model B + support for working simultaneously with two displays using HDMI and VGA ports.

    By the way, the new adapter cannot be bought yet - the author did not plan to put it into mass production. But I posted all the necessary data onGitHub , so if you wish, you can create your own adapter using the schemes provided by Gert.

    Detailed information about the adapter is available on the link on GitHub, as well as in this video:

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