How is it? Leapmotion

    I found out about Leapmotion during their Kickstarter campaign. It looked good then, but did not produce a wow effect. In the spring of the same year, they washed down update v2 with skeletal tracking of each finger. And here Johnny-mnemonic said to me - "We must take it!".

    The device was quickly found at a humane price in an overseas online store with free shipping. A nice bonus was a letter a few days later with the text "Man, so that you do not languish in anticipation for a long time, we decided to send it to you by EMS. Good luck. "

    Everything came quickly and without any problems.

    In the box was the device itself and two wires to it, one shorter, the other more authentic. Why is it short - I still don’t understand, the device refuses to work through USB hubs, which, in principle, they do not hesitate to talk about.

    All the necessary software is installed from the site: the application for setting up the device and Airspace - the application launcher. Applications can be downloaded / purchased from the store , at the moment there are only 205 applications in it. This figure sows a small grain of doubt and makes you think. And where, in fact, are the developers, the community, where is everyone? Aw! The project, no less, raised $ 14 + million of investments.

    Okay, enough maxims, give me something to squeeze virtual hands. In the settings, we set the maximum accuracy of the work, start visualazier and see:

    Skepticism was originally about this device, but I really wanted to touch virtuality with my own hands. All the applications / games that I tried, where my finger motility was involved, are pain and suffering. More or less you can use it where the entire brush is cracked or one finger, but it does not bring any joy. After playing with the device for half an hour, he was put back into the box, along with a desire to use or develop something with his participation.

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