And now a network of 5,000,000 addresses has been posted on the network

    Popular e-mail service from Google is not able to avoid a repetition of the situation with putting some pretty impressive database with usernames and passwords, which recently happened with Yandex and of . A network has appeared in the network with mailbox addresses and passwords for 4929090 accounts. The relevance of the database has not been verified, but more than 60% of valid mail: password pairs are reported.

    In the comments on previous posts, users reasonably noticed that trading in such databases is far from news, and that they supposedly made a fuss about it. It is difficult to disagree with this, but again, the comments show that many users found their accounts in these databases, often with current passwords, after which they changed passwords and began to be more careful about the security of their mailboxes. Therefore, I think it is not superfluous to cover the appearance of this base in the public domain.

    Judging by the fact that databases from many services appear, messages from Yandex and are correct, and this is not the result of a leak, but the consequences of phishing attacks, malware, the use of weak passwords and other security errors when working with mail from sides of the users themselves. Therefore, it is recommended for prophylactic purposes to change passwords on your mailbox, even if it does not use the services yandex.mail, or gmail.

    Here is laid out a cleaned database of emails without passwords to check if their mail is in it.
    By tradition, I remind you of the currently existing services for checking your mail for availability in the databases. Surely they will soon replenish with the base of gmail addresses: ( and,,, (, 4427521 soap) (yandex .ru, 1261809 soaps) (a collection of different mails merged in December 2013, 4879197 soaps)

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