The network got a database of 4.5 million passwords from Mail.Ru mailboxes

    Yesterday, more precisely, on the late evening of September seventh, a warning was posted “1,000,000 passwords from Yandex mailboxes leaked to the network” , which for many was a surprise and caused a storm of emotions. It is strange that this did not happen earlier, since the news about the base appeared on the forums at least as early as the morning of the sixth. Yandex has already commented on this.

    However, it seems that the troubles of users of mail systems did not end there - the database of email addresses with passwords from the mail service got into the network. This database contains 4 664 478 records. The relevance of the database has not been verified, but, given the situation with Yandex mail accounts, such a continuation of the story does not seem incredible.

    Some sources have already laid out a database without passwords to check their own accounts for getting into this database. Since the situation with Yandex.Mail received publicity only after almost two days and only after getting to Habr, I consider it necessary to notify users here about this potential threat.

    Let me remind you that if mail is in this database , it makes sense just in case to change the password to a new one, as well as on all related services in which passwords are restored to this mailing address, as well as third-party services where a similar password was used.

    List of services for checking your mail for entry into the database: ( and (

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