AccuVein: an easy way to find a vein in a difficult situation

    In order to make an injection, you must first find a vein, in order to put a dropper, you also need to find a vein. In some cases, vein search is a real problem for some patients whose vessels do not show too clearly under the skin.

    Sometimes the doctor even has to pierce the skin several times, in search of a vein where you can give an injection. This is not the most pleasant procedure, and when repeated 2-3 times, it turns into torment for the patient. It turns out that modern technology can help in such a complex issue as the detection of veins under human skin. AccuVein AV300

    was released for this.. The device is equipped with two low-power lasers, with ranges of 642 nm and 785 nm. These class 2 lasers do not cause any harm to the patient's body, and are not dangerous. But when you point the device at the skin, a vein is immediately detected, no matter how "weak" it may be.

    The device allows you to:

    • Reduce vein search time, this is sometimes critical;
    • Reduce tissue trauma - as mentioned above, multiple punctures;
    • Facilitates the work of the doctor and the life of the patient, if I may say so. True, the price can not be called low at all - the amount of $ 4,500 can be an obstacle for many hospitals. True, medical equipment has always cost a lot - and 4.5 thousand dollars is far from the highest price for a medical device.

    Now the device is used in more than 3,000 medical institutions around the world, and we would certainly like the device to be presented in domestic medicine.

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