The digest of interesting news and materials from the world of PHP No. 47 (August 24 - September 7, 2014)

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    News and Releases



    • Optional - A library designed to reduce null checks in code. A detailed post describing the motivation from the author .
    • Checker - A set for self-testing the operation of a class and its individual methods.
    • CodeLobster PHP Edition - An alternative IDE for PHP development.
    • Broadway - A tool for implementing the principles of CQRS and Event Sourcing in PHP. Post in support .
    • Cuzzle - The library allows you to save Guzzle requests in the form of cURL commands for further debugging or logging.
    • Versionscan - A tool to check the current installation of PHP for known vulnerabilities.
    • Toggle - The library allows you to organize the principle of disconnected features in a PHP application. Post in support .
    • Amp - Asynchronous multithreading in PHP.
    • php-wise - Symfony Config based configuration library.
    • PHP Reflect - The library allows you to explore classes, interfaces, functions and more. Unlike the standard Reflection API, it does not require directly loading the code, since it is parsed using a PHP lexer.
    • CLImate - The best PHP helper in the CLI. Color and formatted output on the command line.
    • UnifiedArchive - A library for unified access to archives of various formats. Also in the form of a command line utility - Archive .
    • FOSHttpCache - The tool allows you to integrate a PHP application with a caching proxy a la Varnish.

    Learning Materials

    Audio and video

    • videoLaracon EU 2014 - Video recordings of reports from the conference held in Amsterdam.


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