The developers of Sims 4 joked about the "pirates"

    Employees of the company Maxis creatively played a trick on players who have an unlicensed copy of the game Sims 4. This game has a special effect of pixel blurring when the character goes to the bathroom or toilet. So, in the "pirated" copy, the pixelation effect is expanding throughout the game area .

    Perplexed Sims 4 users complained about a bug in the official forum, but received no advice .

    For game developers, this is another example of how to creatively get around boring DRM schemes. Previously, similar tricks were used in other games, here are some examples :

    • "Drunk" camera in GTA IV
    • Slowing Before Big Jumps at Mirror's Edge
    • Batman's non-slip cloak in Batman: Arkham Asylum
    • The protagonist’s pirate blindfold in an unlicensed copy of Alan Wake
    • Immortal, ultrafast anti - piracy scorpion in Serious Sam 3
    • Freezing the game and damaging the sav file just before the final scene in EarthBound (but this is no longer fun and not at all creative)

    However, all these methods are inferior in level of deceit to the reception in the game Game Dev Tycoon , a simulator of the game studio. The developers specially released the "cracked" version. In it, the player, after the initial development of the business and the release of the game, unexpectedly encountered a high level of piracy, which inevitably led the company to bankruptcy.

    The indignation of the players knew no bounds: it was absolutely impossible to win in such conditions!

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