For those who want to teach children to program and make games

    Our nonprofit project to teach children in schools and orphanages programming is entering an active phase. The main goal is to open at least 100 clubs, where children make games, cartoons and websites, by the end of this year. We need volunteer teachers, school contacts, your experience. Please join!

    Luxoft provided us with a training room in Moscow (metro Oktyabrskoe pole), where we want to hold the first face-to-face meeting of those interested in the development of the project. The event will be held on October 2 from 19:00 to 21:00. At the meetings we’ll talk briefly about the goals, show how the lessons are about, talk about the nuances of teaching children and think about how to best develop.

    About what we want

    To teach every child in Russia programming skills and digital creativity, making this learning interesting for the child himself, using the example of creating cartoons, computer games and websites on the Internet.

    About what we have already done

    1. Pilots with school 1220 and the social and rehabilitation center Otradnoe have been worked out.
    2. Trained in full-time 57 children.
    3. A draft methodology has been generated.

    About what we want to do

    The following main areas exist.


    To open 100 clubs we need 100 teachers.

    Who can become a teacher?

    Any adequate person who loves children. Primary school teachers, child psychologists, students and developers come to us. We can choose the format for anyone.


    To open 100 clubs we need 100 child care facilities.

    Not all schools are ready, far from everyone understands why this is necessary. We want to form a pool of schools that have shown interest and dock them with volunteers who live or work nearby. Someone must go to these schools, explain, agree.


    For children to have something left in their heads, we need people who understand pedagogy. There are many ready-made methodologies, many new ideas and many tasks where all this needs to be combined into a single whole, to build a systematic approach.

    Link to registration.

    For any questions, write here or in groups: facebook and vk .

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