In the wake of Game of Thrones

    Hello! Today we want to bring to your attention a thematic post. As you know, the shooting of the fifth season of Game of Thrones is in full swing. This landmark series is filmed in different countries of the world, mainly in Europe. And if you have not yet taken a vacation and are a devoted fan of the world of the Seven Kingdoms, then take a closer look at the idea of ​​visiting the cities and places where the series are filmed. After all, the creators spent a lot of effort to find corners on the planet that would breathe the spirit of antiquity. Partly - intact man. Of course, without the generous servings of special effects it has not done , but that the basis for most of the scenes - present.

    We have selected for you a selection of several places of residence located in the places where the series were filmed, or very similar. We hope you enjoy something.

    Castle in Northern Ireland

    This place looks like it was here in the first season that Bran Stark climbed up the wall and caught off guard his brother and sister Lanisters. For which he paid with paralysis.

    Old house near Royal Harbor, Malta

    In the vicinity of this housing (a complex of three houses), street scenes were shot in the capital of Westeros, the Royal Harbor . It is not for nothing that no less ancient Malta with its richest turbulent history was chosen to convey the atmosphere of a noisy ancient capital city.

    The coast where the Battle of Chernovodnaya took place

    Doesn’t look as gloomy as in the movie, right? This place is located near Dubrovnik, an ancient republic city on the Croatian coast.

    Such a cove is located 200 meters from the property:

    Coastal town

    The Croatian town of Split-Dalmatia also visited the scenery of the series. Here, as in Dubrovnik, there are real ancient stone streets and houses that go right to the sea. The location of the housing is marked with an arrow. Another option for living in Split-Dalmatia, but not on the beach, but in a house in the mountains. Very picturesque and secluded place.

    Travel Daenerys Targaryen

    In the third season, the Mother of Dragons traveled for a long time along the deserted rocky edge. These colorful places are in Morocco. Of course, in remote areas it is not worth settling, but such a tent on the edge of the desert will allow you to feel the beauty and danger of these places.

    The house where dragons live

    This house has nothing to do with the filming of the series, but you just look at this iron dragon on the roof, at the architecture of the building. Inside, he is even more beautiful and interesting.

    House in Belfast

    A large proportion of the episodes of the series was filmed in different parts of Northern Ireland. Not all of them can immediately find housing for recreation, but it is not too practical. It is much better to settle off the coast in Belfast, within walking distance of the city center. From here you can quickly get to the places where the shooting took place in different seasons of the series. If you liked this thematic selection, then we will be happy to sometimes do the same for other films, series, books. Write what interests you in the comments.

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