Employee desks, part 2

    All with Friday! Not so long ago, we showed some noteworthy jobs for IT specialists from Mail.Ru Group. We have many employees, IT specialists too, and they are all interesting and extraordinary personalities. Which, naturally, is reflected in the way they “formalize” their workplace. And today we want to bring to your attention the continuation of the selection of jobs for IT specialists. At Alexander Lyskov, the manager of the mobile Mail.Ru Mail service, on our desktop we found just such a charming Armenian version of the electronic game about the wolf with eggs and eggs. Anyone over 30 does not need to explain what a great and extremely scarce game it was in the open spaces of one sixth of the land. Alexander uses it just like a clock. Well, periodically allows himself to recall his childhood for a few minutes.

    Nikita Portyanko, a tester from the department of game operations, has a desktop full of rather creepy miniatures. In particular, the Joker is surrounded by TVs, based on Batman Arkham Origins. Not only this vignette reigns on Nikita

    ’s table ... This cute creature lives on the desktop of one of the employees of the TimeZero project. Touching eyes make you forget about all the other parts of the body.

    Yaroslav Kravtsov, the head of the Skyforge project designers, found two figurines from Sri Lanka and Tunisia. The Hollywood smile of the first and the stoic-impenetrable expression of the second give Yaroslav support in difficult times.

    Director of production Yuri Borodin sheltered the gay pride version of Bender's robot, able to walk. In the movement, he looks damn charming, I must admit. The quintessential positive is mixed up with confidence in one’s own irresistibility.

    The financial manager Alexandra Malakhova brought in a chicken Seraphim. In addition to the hysterical appearance, the chickens have the same voice, very piercing. With the help of Seraphim, Alexander tries to periodically maintain discipline in the department. Although it seems to us that the cries of rubber chicken discipline shatter much faster.

    Billy's doll from the horror films “Saw” inspires the system administrator Kirill Golyshev for the daily labor feat. Probably, looking at her, he experiences especially warm feelings for negligent users. And the doll helps Cyril to start secular, meaningless conversations with random guests-colleagues. “A cool doll, I remember in“ Scary Movie 4, ”she had an African-American son,” one of the guests once said.

    And, in conclusion of our selection today, Andrei Rezvushkin, a leading technical support specialist, has such a positive air humidifier. Andrew calls him Andy. Because Android, and not at all in his honor. Handles of the robot can be moved, for example, by making a “hug” pose. They say that at the same time a good mood begins to roll over.

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