Photo report from the KAI Engineering Festival in Kazan

    Campus Navigator participates in various events and supports any movement that meets our goals. Today we took part in the opening of the All-Russian Engineering Festival, which organizes a serious technical university in Kazan, under the cut photo and a story about the exhibition of the Festival.

    The Engineering Festival is a series of events from September 2, 2014 to April 30, 2015, united to consistently popularize engineering professions among schoolchildren and their mentors: teachers, parents. This year it is planned to carry out everything mainly on the basis of the Republic of Tatarstan, and then deploy a movement throughout Russia.

    The schedule and list of events of the Engineering Festival in the form of a simple infographic. In the fall.

    In the winter of 2014/2015.

    And in the spring of 2015.

    At the same time, the German-Russian Institute of New Technologies (GRINT) KNITU-KAI officially opened by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Alexander Povalko and the German Ambassador to Russia Rudiger von Fritsch ( sanctions? No, did not hear ) at the KAI today . The video broadcast of the greeting from the ISS was welcomed by the crew of the 40th expedition (or was it recorded? I don’t know).

    The organizer of the Engineering Festival, which I briefly call KAI, is the former Kazan Aviation Institute. A.N. Tupolev, and now Kazan National Research Technical University. A.N. Tupolev .
    Our self-assembled copter with the flag of KAI.

    Next will be a description of the exhibition of the festival. Attention, the exhibition is children's, school! Almost everything has been done in schools, at schools and by schoolchildren. Moreover, these are mainly not large cities, such as Kazan or Naberezhnye Chelny, but small ones. And not cities at all. This is mainly the work of children from the regions of Tatarstan, from small towns and villages.
    Here are the children hanging up air models before the start of the exhibition.

    One of the most interesting expositions is the exhibition of the House of entertaining science and technology . In Kazan, in the building of the old cinema, a completely private engineering show park for children and adults was opened, which is now operating quite successfully.

    Chair for experiments with nails and booty .

    Experimenter. Judging by turn to the chair of those who want to tickle themselvesbuttocks nerves were abundant.

    Air gun. Even two. They shoot air and smoke rings.

    The same guns in work:

    The guys on the video so enthusiastically hit the guns, because they depict the anti-aircraft complex. Alexander just launched one of his copters, and anti-aircraft gunners tried to get into it with smoke rings.
    Of course Lego, where without him. In Tatarstan, each school already has one roboclass, if not more. I envy the manufacturer, I want our designers to diverge in the same way.

    There were all kinds of modelers.

    Kulibins with makeshift machines

    And quite adult toys. By the way, fully working, at the last event from KAI there were races on them.

    Seamlessly proceed to our exposure. The guys who collected their printers on our school makerton also came with their printers and works.

    The photographs above are simple works, models for which are taken from the Internet. I want to draw attention to these guys who model and print parts for their designs on a 3D printer.

    Here they have a model of a well, if I'm not mistaken. Hehe, and here is Crimea.

    And an electric spinning wheel.

    A piece of plastic?

    No, this is Tesla!

    Vika and her Technoclass helps to open her own technical creativity circle for our franchise in any city in Russia.

    Technoclass is only for those enthusiasts who, in addition to loving children and technical creativity, can pull the creation of their own business. And then the problem of many such circles is that they do not stand up for more than a year. We made a format where the debit with credit converges and now we can franchise open with you a Technoclass with a set of training programs, various equipment, the right certificates, teacher training and an internal social network.
    Microparticles - the development of one of our residents, will also be included in the Technoclass.

    3D printer IRON, also our resident. Together with them, we have already sold more than two hundred printers this year, and from October, participants will be assembling our IRON printers on new makertones.

    Our geography of presence. Made a couple of hours before the start of the Festival on a laser cutting machine and arduino.

    Alexander and his copters (not everything, of course).

    99% of the first launches of copters end with broken screws, so you need to learn. For example, here on such a simulator (sorry for the light), I have already broken 100+ copters. By the way, I assembled the nearest quadrocopter in the upper image at the Academy of Copters in our hackeys.

    Now we are working on how to massively teach how to work with copters of schoolchildren, so that they break a little and learn quickly. We will write how to tell something.
    In general, the technical level of schools now is excellent, even in distant villages and villages, at least in Tatarstan, although I think this statement is true for all of Russia. It remains, probably, to reduce the load on the USE for children and free up some time for creativity. I hope that habrazhiteli who are engaged in schoolchildren and students will find a lot to write for thought in this post. Contacts who are interested in participating in the events of the engineering festival:

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