Review of educational resources by September 1

    Today the day has come, symbolizing one of the strongest and best properties of man - his intellect. The Day of Knowledge, it is September 1, it is the beginning of the school year. After all, what would we be without knowledge and science? Dangling somewhere below the food pyramid. In honor of this fateful day for every student and student of the day, we decided to make a selection of various educational resources in the field of IT. Once we did something similar for those who want to learn web development and design . Still, learning is never too late, no matter how trite it may sound. And in our time it is absolutely impossible to stop learning, otherwise there is a great risk of still being at the bottom of the pyramid, only social.

    Russian-speaking resources

    Universarium A very interesting distance learning project. Completely free platform, which now presents courses in a variety of disciplines from the exact, humanities and social sciences. Please note that the project is supported by RIA Science and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. The composition of the available courses periodically changes, and the materials of the completed courses are not available for download. The project is open for suggestions, so it is quite possible that someone from the Habrachians will become the initiator, or even a teacher on this resource. Netology

    Here you can either learn a new profession from scratch or take advanced training courses. In the latter case, for a small monthly fee, you will get access to educational materials in a number of disciplines, now 52 courses are available, and new ones are added monthly. The main emphasis is on e-commerce, management and Internet marketing, although there are more technical disciplines. Tuition is paid, but there is a section with free materials, the so-called open lessons. You can watch videos of free lessons already held.

    Cisco Networking Academy

    Non-profit project of free education for the disabled from a well-known company. A very commendable initiative, giving the opportunity to get an "IT specialty in the field of data transmission networks." This is a good opportunity for many people who find it difficult to find a job due to disability.

    Microsoft Virtual Academy. Here you can take free training on the company's products, and topics:

    • Application Development;
    • virtualization
    • desktop and device management;
    • server infrastructure;
    • cloud;
    • C # / XAML;
    • HTML5

    In total, several dozen courses are presented.

    Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI) This university provides the opportunity to receive higher education through distance learning. Information technologies are represented in the program by the programs “ Applied Informatics in Economics ” and “ Business Informatics ”. Tuition is paid. Business School of Information Technologies RFEI Here you can get training and get a state diploma of higher education. You can choose one of four specializations:

    • information technology management;
    • system administration of information business systems;
    • sales and sophisticated technical systems manager;
    • information resource specialist.

    In addition, you can take part in a number of specialized courses, including programming courses.

    INTUIT There are many free courses on all kinds of products and disciplines related to information technology. Own sections are reserved for training courses from Intel and Microsoft. There is also the possibility of obtaining a higher education in the specialties of “Software Engineering” and “Network Technologies”. True, you will have to pay for it. Center for computer training "Specialist" This is a project of MSTU. N.E. Bauman, who offers paid tuition in the form of webinars and viewing the study of online and offline materials. Training is carried out in many areas, including IT, choose for every taste.

    Moscow Center for Distance Education Here you can remotely receive higher education, improve qualifications, graduate from college and even get an MBA. Training courses are compiled and taught by teachers of some metropolitan educational institutions. Tuition is paid. Hexlet A non-profit educational project dedicated to programming and related disciplines. Materials for training are presented in the form of video lectures, tests, exercises and homework. Lendwings Here are collected dozens of paid and free video courses in a variety of disciplines, including IT.

    English speaking resources

    Coursera One of the most famous resources on which educational materials on a huge number of disciplines and programs from leading universities of the world are presented. Moreover, the training is free. Training is based on watching video lectures and passing quizzes. A real expanse for those who want to get high-quality and relevant knowledge. Udacity These are online courses created with the participation of Google, Nvidia, Microsoft and other organizations. They are dedicated to programming (including for Android ), web development and other areas. There is both a free and an advanced paid version of the courses. Free Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Giant selection of text and video materials for self-study. No interactivity and certificates, but if you prefer self-training, then this is it.

    Free courses at Stanford University A large number of free lectures posted at various sites. If you are interested in the materials of this university, then here they are collected in one place, you do not need to look for them at different sites. Harvard University Online Courses Complete (and paid) online courses and lectures from one of the most prestigious universities. University of Berkeley video lectures A large number of free lectures and webcasts on various topics in the field of computer science.

    Here is just a small selection of sites where you can remotely gain knowledge and skills in various IT disciplines. The spread is huge, from small lectures to full-fledged higher education. Among the proposed resources, everyone will surely find something that suits him in terms of duration and depth of study, form of presentation and cost. And although Solzhenitsyn believed that “education does not add to the mind,” we nevertheless believe that, all things being equal, education gives advantages.

    What educational resources did you use?

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