Fighting Post-Vacation Depression

    Hello! Summer is over, but the holiday season is not over yet, ahead of "velvet" September. And today we would like to raise such a burning topic as post-release depression. Of course, in the strict, clinical sense, this is not depression at all, but the spleen. But still a very unpleasant state, when there is a feeling that all the pleasure of a vacation has gone down the drain. You suddenly “remember” again how your colleagues annoy you, you especially clearly notice the shortcomings of the office and workplace, any tasks bother you, and how do you work so much time here? With longing, I recall the just-concluded rest, and already it feels like it was not with you. Or a very long time ago. In general, it does not work at all.

    For all those who covered the post-release distemper, we have prepared a translation of tipswith the help of which it is much easier to transfer this unpleasant period. Future "vacationers" will also be useful to get acquainted.

    Immediately make a reservation that through all the tips, one thought goes through the red thread - in order not to give in to the spleen, it is necessary to be proactive. That is, act in advance. The very first, so to speak, zero advice - return to your usual life gradually, both in work and in family chores.

    If your vacation is yet to come, we highly recommend:

    • In no case do not solve work issues during the holidays. And in general, to drive from myself any memories and thoughts about work. Your main task is to completely change the type of activity, including in the head. Otherwise, you are unlikely to be able to really rest and relax, upon returning you will tell everyone that it was as if you were not on vacation.

    • Do not plan to do a lot of things during the holidays. This applies to those who are not going to rest, but are going to scoop up a bunch of accumulated cases. It’s better not to spend your vacation at all, but if you don’t have anything to do with it, then take on increased obligations. All the same, you will not rest, and the feeling of guilt for what is not done will be added to this.

    And if you have recently (or relatively recently) returned, then with a high degree of probability the following tips will be useful to you.

    Drive more

    Advice for all occasions. However, in this case, physical activity - classes in the gym, cycling or rollerblading, a home set of exercises, a horizontal bar in the yard, even just long walks - is a distracting activity.

    Concentrating on the performance of certain exercises, on movement, you will simply not be able to notice the imperfection of the surrounding world and the people living in it. We especially recommend taking a few short “physically active” breaks during the working day. Firstly, it will distract you from longing and discontent. And secondly, you will be invigorated, and being, as you know, determines consciousness - improving the physiological state directly affects our psychological state.

    Set personal and professional goals

    Our psyche is so arranged that we need to see the results of our labors, our efforts. It does not have to be something tangible. The main thing is to achieve a specific goal, to get a certain result, to achieve something, to achieve. Each person subconsciously needs to receive a reward in the form of some fruits of his labor, moreover, it is not about money. That is why not everyone is able to work on the assembly line in the workshop.

    To get your share of satisfaction, never set yourself blurry or unattainable goals. It seems like “call parents more often”, “sleep more”, “lose weight”. Such formulations are completely ineffective, because they do not give a specific result. Instead, always try to visualize your goal; imagine it in detail for yourself. For example, “I can run 8 km without stopping,” or “I feel awake and sleepy in the morning.” A specific goal takes the form of a specific result. And it’s nice.

    Listen to music more often

    Another very effective and harmless way to escape and cheer up. Actually, there is nothing to comment on. Most importantly, do not put gloomy and dreary compositions into your playlist, they are unlikely to cheer you up.

    Arrange cleaning

    Returning from vacation, we find ourselves in an old and familiar world. The same apartment, the same workplace. And here the associative mechanism works, pulling to the surface negative memories and emotions that are somehow connected with these places. Therefore, a serious cleaning of the house and workplace breaks this subconscious relationship, which spoils all our pleasure upon returning from vacation.

    Clean up your social media contact lists

    Also a kind of cleaning. The vast majority of us have contact lists filled out by people who are not interesting to us. More precisely, we don’t give a damn if we call a spade a spade. They cannot give us anything we need. And there is nothing shameful or indecent in inviting them to say goodbye. Softly, of course. Getting rid of all these unnecessary, unnecessary connections brings real relief. By the way, this is a great excuse to spend the first working day after a vacation on Facebook or Vkontakte: “I will optimize the rate of return on investment in my social graph .”

    Plan your entertainment

    How do you usually spend your evenings after work? Watching the series, going to well-known cafes and bars, because it has long been a habit? As we mentioned above, returning to a painfully familiar environment is often depressing. And old, well-developed entertainment is no longer satisfying. So spend a little time on the first working day and plan for the evening something new, unusual for you. No need to plunge into the native familiar quagmire.

    Engage in socially significant business

    It can be anything. Choose something for yourself where your hands, brains, summer time or money can come in handy. No matter how trite it may sound, but selfless help to people brings inner satisfaction. Try it, you will like it. Not to mention that this is another way to escape from the longing for the past vacation.

    Start planning your next vacation!

    Why not? Yes, you just returned, but why should this stop me from dreaming and making plans ?! Having plunged into the choice of a place and planning future vacations, it will be much easier for you to adapt to harsh weekdays. This is generally one of the most effective ways not to drown in the spleen upon returning from the airport or train station. To increase the effect, you can even start saving money, at least a hundred rubles, the fact itself is important here. Anticipation of a future trip will help brighten up more than one day. So spit on logic, common sense and other people's opinions, and immerse yourself in the study of countries and cities where you would like to visit.
    And we will help in finding housing. As they say, please contact.

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