ICANN gives green light to Bel zone

    Following the Cyrillic zones of the Russian Federation (.РФ), Ukraine (.УКР), Serbia (.СРБ), Mongolia (.МОН), and Kazakhstan (.ҚЗ), ICANN approved the application of Belarus for (.БЕЛ).

    It should be immediately noted that the zone has not yet been added to the root of the Internet. Most likely, this will happen at the end of this year.

    Registration of domain names will be open in Russian and Belarusian. Zone rules will be based on the same principles as for existing domain names (.BY). Coming from this, the minimum length of the second level domain will be two characters.

    Priority during registration will be given first to trademark owners, then to players willing to pay a premium sum at the auction, and only then to everyone else.

    And what kind of white will you get?


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