Refreshing MantisBT's Moody Interface

MantisBugTracker makes collaboration with team members & clients easy, fast, and professional.
It is written on the website of the developers of this product. Mantis was designed as an analogue very similar to Redmine (I think everyone knows what it is) and written in php (thanks to which it feels great on all php hosting services, etc.).
I must say that the product quite suited me a few years ago in terms of functionality: here you have email notifications, time-tracking and other things that we saw in Redmine. A plus for me was also that Mantis is not overloaded with functionality. The product is already several years old; it has a small audience and a small support from its side. However, for all the years of existence of MantisBT, its developers have never thought about improving the design of their product. Moreover, a long googling (do not kill for slang) on ​​the topic of updating the design of this wonderful bug tracker did not give satisfactory results. And the design in MantisBT, I must say, is bad. Very bad .
Under the cut a lot of traffic and a few words about how I improve the design of the MantisBT making it more or less bad (uh, butter straight).

I won’t write much. A few pictures of what was and what has become.

What was:
1) login page

2) the summary

page 3) the page with the list of tasks

What has become:
1) the login page

2) the page with the list of tasks

3) the page for creating the

task I do not want to say with my topic that I am a cool designer. This is far from the case :) I just want to share it with those who need my own work, because once upon a time I really needed something like that. It is worth noting that everything was whipped up in your free time - read this evening. Please do not beat for the proudly incorrectly stolen name in the logo. Just three people who use my bug tracker really loved redmine and didn’t want to forget the learned word ...

I must say that MantisBT does not provide for stereotyping, so some kernel files had to be updated. This will negatively affect the update, but such is not expected. Yes, and the current version is quite fine with me (now partially visual).

You can redo and fix much more. If besides me there are still people who consider the design of MantisBT bad - here is the link to the project on github . Pull Requests are welcome.

Good night and have a good weekend!

PS The logo, favicon has been updated and copyrights have returned. Also appeared the ability to leave comments by pressing CTRL + Enter

UPD 01/31/2015. I made a template-plugin-tweaker plugin based on these developments. Here is the linkto the post. Supports all current versions of mantisBT

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