Google tests delivery of goods using drones

    And he does it not in the USA, but in Australia, in Queensland. Testing the operation of the drone delivery system is carried out in the most, no matter what, field conditions. For the delivery of goods, a special unmanned aerial vehicle has been developed, with a wingspan of about 1.5 meters and the ability to move in vertical and horizontal planes.

    As soon as the drone reaches a predetermined point, the cargo descends to Earth on a special cable, which ensures the safety of the goods during delivery.

    In flight, the cargo is placed in a special compartment located between the wings of the device. Planned flight altitude: 40-60 meters. The accuracy of the device is the size of the door threshold (that is, a slip can be a maximum of a couple of tens of centimeters).

    It is worth noting that Google began working on the project of an unmanned aerial vehicle (within the Google X division) back in 2011, planning to use the development to deliver goods to customers throughout the day.

    Despite the prohibitions on the use of drones in some regions (almost throughout the United States such a delivery system, as well as flying drones in settlements, are prohibited by a special decree by the Federal Civil Aviation Administration), large and not very companies continue to test the delivery system using drones. So, a similar system has already been tested in the work of US and European companies (though, for the most part, even before the ban).

    The news was also published on Habré that the Russian company was trying to arrange delivery using drones, but in Russia the lawmakers were unhappy with such an initiative.

    Via wsj

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