Welcome to CocoaHeads August 29th

    Urgent in the room, lightning! Tomorrow, that is, on August 29, at 19.00 in the office of Mail.Ru Group there will be a monthly meeting (incidentally, an anniversary - for 2 years) of developers for iOS / OS X. This event is traditionally held on the last Friday of every month.

    Here everyone can make their report, share experience and information about their project. In fact, this is a meeting with like-minded people and colleagues in the profession. Our doors are open for both beginners and experienced professionals, we do not drop out of merit and status. Three reports will be waiting for you tomorrow.

    First, Marat Saytakov will tell the audience about a completely new way to build adaptive interfaces for iOS. This is the so-called Size Classes concept, a novelty of the season presented by developers at the relatively recent WWDC 2014. Of course, Marat will not only retell everything in his own words, he will also share information on some interesting features of using interfaces made for this new concept. And finally, how to backport these interfaces to old iOS 6. The

    second report by Mikhail Bainov will be devoted to the practical experience of using ANSI C / 99 arrays and structures to store data in an iOS application. The theme speaks for itself, neither diminish nor add.

    And finally, Alexander Zimin, who conducted the Swift school this summer, will show and tell how to make a stylish and fashionable button on Swift:

    Come, it will be interesting! To participate, you must register . By the way, now we have launched a “Q & A service”: if you want to ask something about the development for iOS / OS X, then send your questions to @CocoaHeadsMSK or to the mail of the organizers of the event.

    UPD: video recordings of reports

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